About us

The ‘Original’ Stone Floor Doctor.

We are not Carpet or Office Cleaners. We are however, Experts in Stone

Artisan trained in Italy to improve all stone floors to look beautiful again.

20+ years of experience in the stone industry.

We guarantee impressive results out of the most neglected Stone floors.

Cleaning, Sealing & Troubleshooting for the Country’s top Stone Suppliers.

Many homes are choosing natural stone flooring for its outstanding beauty and durability. Properly maintained stone flooring will last a lifetime.

Periodic professional cleaning & Sealing to restore the surface and keep it at its best is a must.

Carpet Cleaners are now jumping on the Stone floor cleaning band wagon. Their treatments often fall short and do not give optimum results. I’m often called upon to rework these floors.

We are experts in Stone, maintaining and restoring all types of stone flooring including Limestone, Sandstone, Bath Stone, Portland, Blue Lias, York, Welsh Pennant, Travertine, Victorian Geometric tiles, Slate, Quarry tiles, and Terracotta.

Repair of poorly Laid Stone. Cracks and other damage to Stone and Tiled Surfaces.

Please give me a call. Its good to talk!

You can actually talk to the guy that does the work in your home.

Tel: 07968001882

Recommended by Mandarin Stone, Fired Earth and Artisans.